Sunday, 1 June 2014

#57 Watch 3 Plays

Having become a member of Secret Theatre's mailing list was perhaps one of the smartest things I did last year. After receiving an email about their latest production, a mysterious, modern tale about the life of an artist, I grabbed a friend and headed off to east London, with a terrible mixture of fear and pure excitement.

Similar to secret cinema, Secret Theatre holds events in london whereby the customer is told only a few specific details about the show, what to wear and where to find it. In this case we were invited to the gallery opening of Dominic Datchio in East London, which was located by the canal inside what we found was a pretty nice bar with a gallery beside. We were also told to dress for a gallery opening.

Apart from English literature, I have little knowledge of theatre and the nuances of acting, something I've found other members of the audience can be very vocal about at these events. However, I personally found it to be incredibly enjoyable and as far as I could tell inventive. I liked the immersive nature but never felt overexposed (something that had caused the fear). Afterwards we sat in the bar reflecting on the performance, which had ended quite dramatically and sadly, and found ourselves slowly surrounded by the cast who happily mingled in with the crowds. It was completely the opposite to a big formal production, making it an even better experience. 

Finally, sat by the bar drinking our whiskey and cokes, we were greeted by a woman holding a brown envelope. "Take this", she said. Inside were directions to an after party, "tell no-one". 

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