The List

The List:
(26 complete)
1. Read all of D.H. Lawrences books 
2. Go to New York in A)winter b)summer c) spring d)autumn
3. Drive in a foreign country
4. Buy a designer piece of something
6. Learn how to cut hair
7. Travel to Australia
8. Watch a horror at the cinema
9. Work for 3D animation studio
10. Kiss a french man
11. Go to a poetry reading/club
13. Travel to South America
15. Travel to Ant Artic
17. Complete my violin grade 5
18. Go to Russia
19. Make £100 on ebay
20. Design and make jewellery
21. Train my dog how to wait for food on his snout
22. Complete Times crossword
24. Meet Dylan Moran
26. Watch 4 (now I say 15) films to see before you die
27. Bake a cake for my brother
28. Become a carpenter
29. Speak/ converse in a foreign language
30. Attend church for 3 months in a row
31. Get swimming lessons
32. Try a new a)Chinese b) Japanese c)Italian d)Greek restaurants
33. Fall in Love
35. Learn best way to wear my hair
36. Wear Eye shadow
37. Live in London
38. Catch a bus to a random place
39. Catch up on Mad Men
40. Buy/ receive a Polaroid camera
41. Buy/ Receive nikon or Olympus camera
43. Subscribe to a science magazine
44. Own a games console
46. Bake and Ice a Cake
47. Make a pouch
48. Attend a Russian baths or salt sauna
49. Swim naked
50. Be naked on a beach (really?)
51. Pack up and go somewhere for the day
52. Get a photo with a celebrity
53. Text in to the Adam and Joe show BBC radio 6
54. Do 3 black squadron tasks
55. See Edith Piaf tribute
57. Watch 3 plays
58. Live in a flat by myself
59. Work at a Patisserie
60. Work at a shoe shop (?)
61. Illustrate a book or a blog
62. Learn how to develop colour film
63. Enroll in a drawing class
65. Start a personal photo albumn
66. Go climbing in the lake district
67. Go to Japan
69. Climb a mountain
70. Go to Cornwall
71. Do the splits
72. Run a marathon
73. Visit my Aunt and Uncle
74. See a football match
75. Start some sort of exercise class/club and attend once a week
76. Go rock climbing
77. Finish reading ALL Game of thrones books
78. Finish a hard copy of my portfolio
79. Make a sketch every time I get bored/upset
80. Go to confession
81. Get my driving license
82. Have my physical actual cake and eat it
83. Attend a film festival
84. Cycle in London
85. Attend a Secret Cinema
86. Buy a new coat
87. Buy a new bag
88. Paint a picture
89. Roller blade in public
90. Ride a horse
91. Speak french, to a french person, in france
92. Speak Portuguese, to a portuguese person in brasil, portugal, mozambique, cape verde, angola etc.
93. Cycle around town in the early hours of dawn
94. Walk to the next village
95. Drive to the seaside
96. Build some shelves
97. Get some artwork and frame and hang it up
98. Get a new bed spread
99. Get or make some boxes and some magazine holders
100. Make some curtains
101. Perform a spiritual ritual
102. Get out of my comfort zone and possibly perform in front of people 
103. Attend a Jazz club with jazz lovers
104. Bury a memory box to then unearth one day
105. 'hunt' (most likely fish) an animal, cook and eat it
106. Grow something to eat

107. Watch an Arthur Miller play
108. Read an Arthur Miller play
109. Read an Arthur Miller novella
110. Watch a film written by Arthur Miller
111. Sew myself a top
112. Come up with a working work wardrobe
113. Stick to a skincare regime
114. Go to a Budhist Centre
115. Meditate
116. Get accupuncture
117. Get a new piercing
118. Attend a lecture
119. Learn 50 new words in Portuguese
120. Go to Porto
121. Get on a woodwork course
122, Start looking into cinematography and film jobs
123. Drive to Scotland
124. Discover 5 new walks in England
125. Go to a new City
126. Attend a morning market
127. Try a new food
128. Develop film
129. Visit a friend in another country
130. Cycle in another country
131. Learn 5 new recipes
132. Make pottery
133. Go to a Music Gig
134. Attend an island festival
125. Attend a field festival
135. Go out in Berlin
136. Go out in Portugal
137. Go on a road trip
138. Learn how to weave
139. Learn how to write 5 words in a different alphabet
140. Learn a poem in another language
141. Take someone's portrait
142. Stay in a strangers home (not a complete stranger)
143. Volunteer abroad
144. Teach english abroad
145. Get a pen pal?
146. Learn to make a pudding that I actually like
147. Find a Portuguese programme to watch
148. Watch 10 Portuguese films
149. Read 5 Portuguese books
150. Watch 5 Japanese films
151. Watch 5 films from really obscure countrys (yeah not sure what that means either)
152. Buy a meal for a homeless person
153. Buy 5 Big Issues
154. Help an old person with something
155. Travel to the bluest cities in the world
156. Get a cat and give it an awesome name
157. Get a pet duckling and/or chick (do some research first)
158. Own a corgie
159. Role around in pile of (clean) puppies
160. Snowboard
161. learn how to make firworks (and 'release' them - if safe to do so - probably not)
162. travel to scandanavia
163. get something new published
164. make a recipe book
165. knit a present for someone
166. send someone a care package
167. skateboard
168. make a shoebox present
169. make a house for bees etc.
170. make use of grandpa's shed
171. have some meaningful understanding of economics
172. visit 5 of peter zumthor's buildings
173. visit the pompideau
174. own a watch
175. Learn to use my left hand again
176. See the Northern Lights
177. Cook a meal for my friends
178. Ride more than 3 miles on my bike
179. Walk through a nature reserve or park
180. Go camping
181. Go wild swimming
182. Go camping by a lake
183. Swim in the dead sea
184. Decorate a room with furnishings
185. Paint someones portrait
186. Wall climb
187. Food fight
188. Attend a Lecture
189. Read 1 book for each month for 6 months
190. Attend a photography class
191. Earn first aid badge
192. Attend a writing class
193. Crochet a working thing
194. Attend a Podcast