Friday, 8 August 2014

#57 Watch 3 Plays

I was a bit surprised when my family announced that they wanted to watch the latest Jacqueline Wilson play, or as far as I know the only Jacqueline Wilson play. However, as a childhood fan of the books, and also a theatre lover, I was happy to agree and went off with little knowledge of the story or production. 

The play is a about red headed feisty girl, given away as a baby to an orphanage, or rather a foundling hospital, during the Victorian era. There she is given the name Hetty Feather and sent to live with a provincial kindly foster family, before returning once again to the Hospital where all notions of love and family are abandoned. Hetty fights against the harshness through her own determination to be reunited with her family and to find her mother.

The presentation of the story was incredibly impressive. The choreography is based on circus acrobats and this is married happily with the set which is built up of scaffolding, ribbons and trapeze. Using these the actors are able to describe everything from trees, to elephants, classrooms and of course circus's.

I'm happy to say that even if you're past the age of 11 Hetty Feather is still heartwarming, beautiful and sweet. The music, on stage acrobats and intelligent set design all create a beautiful piece of theatre which push your imagination  in the best possible way. Maybe one to go with your Mum.

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