Sunday, 12 July 2015

85. Attend a Secret Cinema

I did it, I finally did it!

I think I can comfortably say now after a lifetime of being obsessed with film (through from my early disney years, to my sixth form foreign film dabbling and finally my current addiction to the cinema and film news) that I am most certainly a fan of film.
And so like any film fan I've finally completed my pilgrimage to the biggest film experience this country has to offer; secret cinema.

I was dubious I have to admit. Secret cinema is notorious for it's strict no camera policy, and consequently any photo that does emerge is generally a cheeky selfie in a blurry corner, a glimpse of a poorly lit piece of staging or an overly laboured snapshot of the night's momentos - a la Wes Anderson. So I was convinced I was actually about to enter another superficial failing of our post-facebook world. As it turns out it's a poor picture of what's to come.

photo via
Given the fact that the company does go to great lengths to immerse their modern viewers (by taking away their shiny 3G counterparts), I did suspect that perhaps it really did have to be witnessed to be enjoyed and understood. Now having done it myself I can only confirm that like Kanye at Glastonbury or the olympic opening ceremony, secret cinema can never be understood without the firsthand experience of being plummeted (slightly unprepared) into a whole new world of characters, 'stages' and events which take place in the most unlikeliest of places.

The effect is almost like going on holiday to another country. With all the preparation before hand (getting the costumes for your character, building up a story) and interacting with people in this fantasy. And even more brilliantly the commitment evident from the actors, vendors etc. who have truly given their complete all, is commendable, and wonderfully at odds with the apathy of today. Film like star wars mean that the excitement and commitment to the fantasy is probably even more heightened, as it was with the families and young fans around us, but it was great to see the staff still not break character after what's probably days of performances.

I could keep going on and on about the experience (and I might in another post), but I think that's it for now.

Final thing though; Hans Solo is a babe.

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