Friday, 5 January 2018

133. Go to a Music Gig

After almost a year away from the blog I've decided to come back again and fill in the gaps.. So far the resolutions have not only proven to be incredibly satisfactory to tick off, but have also been a big motivator at times to shake myself from a rut every now and again.

This time last year I travlled to the West country for the first time ever. Specifically Bristol. It was nothing like how I expected but also wonderful, creative and incredibly raw. In my mind Brooklyn is an easy comparisson in terms of gritiness but also humourful street art and little art collectives as well as maybe Brighton. While there I ventured to Stoke Croft - the land of the hipsters and found a great cafe cum-car-cum-yoga studio where we stayed until a band started playing. I've also been to see Hozier this year, however, I feel that this small intimate impromptu gig was exactly what I wanted to find since I've compltly missed seeing new bands away from support acts since leaving uni.

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