Sunday, 9 February 2014

45. Wear red lipstick

I realise I've not posted for a while. I also realise that in doing so I am essentially fulfilling the demise of any new years resolution which makes me feel a little bit better (we're all human) but also a little bit of an idiot (i should have seen this coming! *shakes fist to the sky*). So let's start again.

I managed this week to get round to buying a red lipstick and wearing it! The purchase you see above is Paul & Joe Lipstick refill full pigment collection rouge 304. No it wasn't very hard and it was all over pretty quickly thanks to the fact I was going out to eat, but what I will say is that from doing so I've actually learnt something about lipstick. 

1. Firstly, lip liner, that thing you read about in magazines and think 'whatever, lipstik is LIPSTICK' is actually quite vital. Sadly I didn't put this into practice. I will now. Without it your lip colour will end up uneven as it spreads around your face.
2. Secondly, prepare your lips. Get a toothbrush or rub in some sugar and exfoliate. Again, this will help even up the colour.
3. Thirdly, try and buy a thick lipstick. My resolution was to wear a red lipstick but I do actually own others. These have been thicker and much more matte, hence why I never really bothered with liner before. In the future I think I will always opt for that option.
4. And finally, if you've got the liner, don't be scared to have a dense colour. I have a tendency to stain my lips but actually with time and care a nice thick and more importantly even coat will leave a nice polished result. 


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