Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fiction in Real Life

So in the last post I mentioned the fact that I haven't really been posting. Part of this is obviously because I work but if i'm honest I wasn't feeling any joy or inspiration from the list. Part of the problem is that I am a very very very fickle person, but also I don't really feel that many of the objectives translate very well to blog. I've introduced 2 new solutions to this:
1. To not be scared to reduce posts to simply photographs, documenting progress of seemingly ordinary yet rewarding tasks.
2. Create some new resolutions to add to the list

So I'm introducing some new ones, and more importantly basing them on things that never fail to inspire and excite me; fiction.

In secondary school my ambition to live in London was fuelled almost fully from bright white interiors of middle class somethings and old but lovely exteriors in Richard curtis films (it still is), whilst almost every Danny Boyle film convinces me that carpe diem is essential to any happy life. Likewise, my love of Paris is a mixture of Amelie and Paris Je T'aime, and my picture of Italy shaped by the beautiful cinematography of the Talented Mr Ripley and the cultural richness of the books.

My next idea is to come up with some resolutions based on fiction. For example in Amelie, Amelie makes an active decision to help people with powerful actions of anonymity. What if I were to do the same?

Here is my list so far;

1. Perform a spiritual ritual (based on the Darjeeling limited)
2. To get out of my comfort zone and possibly perform in front of people (Wadjda)
3. Attend a Jazz club with jazz lovers (talented mr ripley)
4. Bury a memory box to then unearth one day (make a map to also find it) (Amelie)
5. 'hunt' (most likely fish) an animal, cook and eat it (Withnail and I)
6. Grow something to eat (another year)

And as is the nature of the list, I'm sure I will think of some more resolutions.

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