Thursday, 16 October 2014

32. Try a new a)Chinese b) Japanese c)Italian d)Greek restaurant

I have actually completed trying out a new chinese, japanese and italian restuarant slowly over the year. The only one that remains is now to try a new greek restaurant.

The only one that really deserves talking about was the Japanese:

chicken japanese curry don
This was a really successful task as I've now found my new favorite and cheap sushi haunt. I've found it to be reliably tasty and it even comes with an all you can eat option! (that's good eating).

True to the nature of trying new things, I'm also now a massive fan of the Japanese dish Yakitori Don, which the restaurant serves. Yakitori Don is dish made up of wonderful fried skewers of chicken drizzled with black sticky sauce, which is slightly sweet and gingery. It comes served with rice and pickled ginger. The sushi is also pretty good, fantastic in fact and last time I was there I was lucky enough to try the Japanese Curry dish which I have pictured above.

salmon sashimi

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