Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#56 See 4 shows at the West End

I Went to watch 'Once' the musical at the Phoenix theatre last month on a slight whim. If you haven't seen the film I highly recommend it, but I have to say seeing it live is almost better. So if you haven't overplayed the entire soundtrack already then it's probably an even better idea to see the musical first because hearing the instruments and voices right in front of you will always beat any stereo (in folk's case anyway).

I was really impressed by the whole set up. It's very simple; simply one set, a few props and about 20 actors who pretty much remain on stage either as the 'orchastra' or characters, but it was heightened obviously by the music, but also the intimate lighting and use of the stage. For instance, at the beginning of the show, and in the interval, you can actually go onto the stage which is a working bar, order a drink and watch the actors as they perform - like a real pub (minus the performance part for me anyway)! It was really strange watching the audience suddenly become the 'main stage', and because it happened so subtly, the actors and audience were indistinguishable. All this people watching also made me realise how many people actually go on dates to the theatre.

I'm enjoying how the list is encouraging me to do the activities I normally leave for other people to organise. I hope I can keep this up as I really love going to the theatre, and it is possible to get quite reasonably priced tickets. So here's to more plays!

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No mês passado, eu fui assistir Once, o musical, no teatro Phoenix. Eu recomendo ele, se você não  nao ainda viu o filme. No entanto, vendo a performance ao vivo,  é ainda melhor.  Entao, se você ainda não ouviu a trilha sonora mais e mais ainda, depois, é melhor para ver o musical primeiro, porque, ouvir os instrumentos e as vozes ao vivo, sera sempre melhor do que o radio (para folk) .   

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