Thursday, 9 October 2014

#86. Attend A Film Festival

I attended the London Film Festival for the first time this week. It was very different to how I think most people would imagine a film festival, and yet at the same time I sort of expected it to be how it was. By this I mean the film festival is organised in a very informal manner. You buy your tickets online, like when you see go to the cinema normally, and then attend the viewing. We ended up going to see Excuse my french (a sweet and funny egyptian film) and '71 (a thriller set in northern island during the start of the troubles), but were late for the start of both films. Luckily (for me anyway) neither of the films had a red carpet. Some during the festival actually do, making the event slightly more than your average screening, but the great thing was we did get to see the director, screenwriter and actors at the end of the film for an interview and Q&A. All in all the whole experience was brilliant.

Deste Semana eu assistiu o London Film Festival. Foi a minha primeira vez. Foi mutio informal de que imaginava. Comprar os seus bilhetes online, e ver o filme como normal. Vimos Excuse my French (um filme de egypcio, fofo e engracado) e '71 (um suspense decorre na Irlande de Norte durante 'the Troubles'), mas nos estavamos atrasados para ambos.Felizmente (pra mi) nenhum dos filmes tiverem um tapete vermelho, como alguns filmes. Contudo, no final nos vimos o diretor, roteirista e ators. Foi brilhante.

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