Thursday, 4 September 2014

#112 Come Up With A Working Work Wardrobe

So I've completed a somewhat workable work outfit after trawling around quite happily on pintrest and lookbook for inspiration. The whole look is centred around some autumn winter staples; jumpers and boots, with my favourite kind of basics.
After having finished my collage I felt rather sick with myself. Not that I don't like a good polyvore, in fact I love a good polyvore which is probably why I've attempted one, but it was more the fact that to actually now stick to this regimented clothing shopping list seems slightly shallow, and yet now that I'm looking at it, it's not, it's just good old fashioned obsessive organization.

From left to right: 1. Blue and Red MuJi pens 2. MuJi A6 hardback notebook 3. Monki Cardigan 4. Uniqlo dress 5. Uniqlo shirt 6. Original 8 hole Dr. Martens 7. BZR mohair jumper 8. Black MuJi Pen 9. Denim Uniqlo Shirt 10. Black Uniqlo Long Sleeved T 11. Monki Earrings 12. 6 Hole Dr. Martens 13. Uniqlo Dark Grey Cardigan 14. New Look Tights 15. Monki Scarf 16. Monki Mittens 17. Monki Beanie 18. Asos Gingham Skirt 19. Pink Mohair Jumper and Gold Watch (yet to be found)


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