Wednesday, 3 September 2014

#26. The Usual Suspects

So back to the business of completing my resolutions, I watched the Usual Suspects last night, Number 4 in my list of 50 films to see before you die. I came to the film thinking I knew nothing of this 90's neo-noir crime thriller, which tells the story of a complex heist gone wrong. In reality though, the film is altogether too familiar, in what could be described as a tapestry of this classic American genre. 

Maybe it was the fact that being born in the 90s I've grown up with what has probably been a series of films inspired by the style of films such as this, which meant that every tense flashback paired with the boodum of synths had my eyes rolling, or maybe it was that I'd already known the twist, alluded to in later parody films and so spent most of the film shouting at kevin spacey's face, but ultimately I felt that what was probably a great film of it's time just became simply good.

A good movie for a night in, but certainly not the kind of film I'd ever fall in love with. 
Next up, Brazil I think.

The constant belittling of Spacey's crippled character will also keep you shouting at the screen (perhaps intentionally though)

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