Friday, 3 January 2014

#12 Learn how to make brocoli and brie soup (Complete)

So tonight I completed my first resolution

Learn how to make broccoli and brie soup

Obviously being the least taxing it's hardly surprising, but it's the sort of thing I know I would've put off for ages had it not been for the list (see it's already paying off :D) 

 (also includes potatoes and lots and lots of butter)

When I wrote the list I had not yet realised that I was lactose intolerant; hence the inclusion of brie; my favorite cheese. However, I felt it was wrong to change the resolution, especially since my family still eat cheese so I made a lactose free alternative for myself with goats cheese in place of the brie. I can tell you now it was definitely not as good as the brie, but worth it anyway.

Has this improved my life? Yeah, in a very small way.

So next up Withnail and I

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