Thursday, 2 January 2014

Two Thousand and 14 Resoltuions

So it is now 2014 and the list is 4 years old (although I've only just started completing it). In light of the actual new year I think I should be allowed to add some new resolutions. So here's my 2014 list;

75. Start some sort of exercise class/club and attend once a week
76. Go rock climbing
77. Finish reading ALL Game of thrones books
78. Finish a hard copy of my portfolio
79. Make a sketch every time I get bored/upset
80. Go to confession
81. Get my driving license
82. Have my physical actual cake and eat it
83. Attend a film festival
84. Cycle in London
85. Attend a Secret Cinema
86. Buy a new coat
87. Buy a new bag
88. Paint a picture
89. Roller blade in public
90. Ride a horse
91. Speak french, to a french person, in france
92. Speak Portuguese, to a portuguese person in brasil, portugal, mozambique, cape verde, angola etc.
93. Cycle around town in the early hours of dawn
94. Walk to the next village
95. Drive to the seaside

to be continued...

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