Thursday, 2 January 2014

#79 Make a sketch every time I get bored/upset

Agreeing to sketch every time I'm upset/bored has so far actually been very successful.

I decided this would be one of my main resolutions this year after another day of feeling shitty and thinking 'these feelings are doing nothing for me. Instead of using them for bad, or just doing nothing, or listening to the frozen soundtrack again, why don't I use them as a sort of cue to do something'.

Who knows maybe I'll develop some sort of Pavlov dog response to my emotions - I really hope this doesn't happen since my employment really depends on my ability to draw, some of the time anyway. Which is sort of why I extended it to boredom. That and I didn't like the idea of the internet knowing about my mental ups and downs. here is the first of the years sketches;

I should probably mention most of these will most likely be of people. My life before university I was really into figurative art. Since starting a design degree however, I don't really get a chance to draw people that much (for projects anyway). Also this should be good practice for #63's life drawing class,  which I will hopefully be attending this friday! 

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