Thursday, 2 January 2014

#4 Buy a designer piece of something

So, this is probably one of my more questionable resolutions.

4.Buy a designer piece of something


As a design student I quite often find myself sat in a coffee shop wearing a breton tee, listening to belle and sebastian and realising I've become the embodiment of a typical nob, or hipster, if you're into that sort of thing (i'm not, hearing the word makes me shudder, just say nice-probably-equal-parts-introverted-to-eccentric-creative person). So this resolution leaves me feeling slightly self-conscious of that fact. Luckily my lust for beautiful things outweighs all that. Anyway, the dictionary defines a new years resolution as;


  1. a promise to yourself or decision to do something, especially to improve one's behaviour or lifestyle in some way, during the year ahead

I can't promise this will improve my behavior but let me just pretend it's a beneficial lifestyle change. Anyway I haven't got any sunglasses. Also I promise you when I have bought the sunglasses I'll let you know how much of an impact they've made on my life. So here's to saving up! (hopefully by summer).

 Clubmaster Ray-Bans;

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