Friday, 10 January 2014

Pin Hole Camera

Well I'm very excited about this resolution, especially since I started looking up on how to build a pinhole camera.

As it turns out the actual camera is pretty flexible in terms of what you use, but very specific on how you use it. Anyway at the moment I've found quite a few inspiring options.

1. Print and Stick

huberokororo have made a pdf template for a rubikon pinhole camera which you can print and assemble yourself!

Here is the finished camera and some example photos taken with one via dezeen

Brilliantly it comes with exposure times

Important to note is the need for thick car around 200gsm card for higher quality pictures and also sourcing a spool from a photographic shop. Like all pinhole cameras, a secure and absolute dark container is necessary.

2. Pinhegg

This is perhaps the most romantic of the options, a pinhole camera made from a  fragile eggshell in which the photographer must sacrifice their camera (the egg) to witness their single photograph, which may have or may not have taken. Ah, the impermanence, delicacy and even size of this make it perfect. Just requires some patience...

Once the image develops you also receive a negative; another layer to the unfolding photo.

3.The camera that blue peter would die for

Basically from there I found out you can make one from literally anything providing you can stop light coming through. It looks like squashes, pumpkins and all other earthy vegetables will be good for this - so get digging! Also children's toys and food containers.

Squash Camera

Plastic Budha Camera

Gas Mask Camera

A shoe! (camera)
Coffee bag camera
Wall Nut Shell Camera
Cupcake tin

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